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Your favorite home poker game - Poker - Gambling - Page 1 ... My favorite is Guts but I also enjoy Screw Your Neighbor and Indian Poker. I was going to say "Screw Your Neighbor," or as we called it in mixed company, "Pass the Trash!" :) I also enjoyed "Kings & Little Ones" (sometimes just "Little Ones" without the Kings) where the lowest ranked card in your hand is wild. Worked for stud & draw games. Anyone know any weird poker games?? - Hey folks, just curious if anyone here plays odd poker games. I play in a pretty regular home game, and I have a group of guys who don't always like to play Texas Hold 'em (mainly because I win those tourneys 95% of the time) Anyway, when we don't play hold em tournys, we do dealer calls the game, and they have some crazy ones. Guts Poker - Wizard of Odds Guts Poker, or just Guts, is a popular home poker-based game. It is known for being easy to play and extremely volatile. Given the potential for huge pots, it takes a strong stomach to be a good Guts player. Given the simplicity, it is also a good game to call when everybody is too tired or drunk to concentrate on a legitimate poker game. Rules Anyone know any weird poker games?? [Archive] - Sports Card ...

Crazy Eights is a shedding-type card game for two to seven players. The object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all the player's cards to a discard pile.

12 More ways to screw your neighbor | BoardGameGeek I really liked Chuck's 12 ways to screw your neighbors list, but I hadn't played a lot of the games on there. So I got to thinking about the games I have played where me and my friends are often doing the direct whack screw, and - more importantly - the indirect sneaky screw!

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Screw Your Neighbour is played on the premise that the players must avoid having the lowest card on the table. Basic Rules of ‘Screw Your Neighbor’ The rules of this game can sometimes vary depending on the casino, but here are the general rules: Screw Your Neighbor is played with a full deck, a total of 52 cards. The Poker Page: Screw Your Neighbor -

Shit On Your Neighbor. The player with the lowest-ranked card each hand must push one of their piles of coins into the pot. Suits have no bearing in breaking ties -- all players sharing the same lowest rank must push in a pile. Play continues, with each hand resulting in someone pushing in a pile.

General Rules. Blackjack value means that cards having the following valuesColored Poker With A Twist: Twisting: means that players can trade one of their cards for a new card from the deck for a price.Consider using all 7 cards. Fuck Your Neighbor. Shit On Your Neighbor - MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy The card game Shit On Your Neighbor (also known as Pass the Trash, Poop On Your Neighbor, Screw Your Neighbor, Fuck Your Neighbor, or Crap On Your Neighbor) is brilliant in its simplicity. A perfect game to enjoy with your friends and relatives during holiday get-togethers -- be sure you... Screw Your Neighbor on YDKJ FB – Jackbox Games One of my favorite features about YDKJ is the SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOR feature and I think that if you added that to the Facebook game it would be mega popular, even if you have us pay for the amount of screws we own.You need to Bring on the Screws.But, Here are the new rules of the Screws Card Games Like Screw Your Neighbor -